Life Insurance Claims And Your Rights

People do not want to receive life insurance benefits. It means someone close to them has passed away. The experience can be even more frustrating or traumatic when insurance companies find ways to deny or underpay claims.

Pekar Law, P.A., in Tampa, is led by lawyer Jeff Pekar, who will personally guide you through the entire life insurance claims process. An attorney who has spent his legal career resolving insurance disputes for clients across Florida, he can provide you with advocacy that protects your rights.

Do Not Go Through The Claims Process Alone

Insurance companies make money by collecting premiums and limiting the amount they pay out in claims. That means they often find ways to deny claims by taking advantage of “fine print” that you do not understand.

Jeff Pekar knows how the claims and denials process works and the reasons that insurance companies will use to argue that your loved one’s death is not covered by the policy. This may include arguing that the death was a suicide or that your loved one was engaged in dangerous, high-risk activity. He will closely examine your policy and help you understand your obligations, and then deal with the insurance company on your behalf. When necessary, he is a skilled litigator who will aggressively assert your rights and help you determine the best way to proceed.

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