Don’t Take On Your Insurance Company Alone

Work with an experienced attorney who knows how the industry operates and how to help you secure your coverage.

Property Damage Claims

When disaster strikes, you need experienced guidance for filing a claim and receiving compensation.

Hurricane And Wind Damage

Do not let your insurance company unfairly deny or underpay your claim when severe weather damages your home.

Commercial Property Damage

Work with an experienced attorney when your business is facing devastating losses because of a disaster.

Homeowners' Insurance Claims For Condos

When your insurer and the condo’s insurer are fighting about who pays for damage to your unit, get an experienced advocate in your corner.

Wills, Trusts, Probate

We provide wills, trusts and other essential probate/ estate planning documents to ensure your loved ones needs are met

Bringing Clarity To The Insurance Claims Process

Pekar Law, P.A., in Tampa, Florida, is a law firm that serves homeowners and small-business owners across the state who are dealing with property damage insurance claims and other insurance issues. With extensive experience in insurance litigation and claims, attorney Jeff Pekar is ready to help you with your case and ensure peace of mind during any struggle with your insurance company.

An Experienced Advocate In Your Corner

While insurance companies market themselves as being there to protect you, their financial interests and your financial interests are not the same. They often count on policyholders not being aware of their rights to unfairly deny or underpay on damage claims.

When a hurricane, fire, sinkhole or some other disaster occurs, you need the insurance benefits you are entitled to through your premium payments. Jeff Pekar can guide you through the entire claims process to put you in the best position for a successful outcome. He has a proven track record in court, which he does not shy away from when it is necessary to protect the rights of his clients.

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