Commercial Property Damage And Business Disruption Claims

Running a business is a round-the-clock commitment. When disaster strikes and it forces your business to close, you expect your insurance to backstop your losses, so that you can reopen.

Pekar Law, P.A., led by attorney Jeff Pekar, represents small-business owners throughout Florida involved in business disruption insurance matters. As an experienced Tampa lawyer, he can help you understand your obligations in the insurance claims process and protect your rights if your insurance provider is disputing your commercial property damage claim or business disruption claim.

Guiding You Through The Claims Process From Start To Finish

Hurricanes, tornadoes and high winds, smoke and fire damage, sinkholes, and water damage and floods are common disasters that can force your business to close for a prolonged amount of time. When filing a business disruption claim to make up for your losses during that time, your insurance company will likely need to examine:

  • Your insurance policy documents
  • Expense reports for your business
  • Receipts and revenue documents
  • Payroll costs

Jeff Pekar has extensive experience representing both insurance companies and policyholders in these matters. His ability to see your claim from multiple perspectives will put you in the best position to successfully secure the coverage that you deserve by making your premium payments.

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Do not try to solve a complex insurance claim yourself. Work with an experienced lawyer who can handle all of the difficult legal work on your behalf while you focus on getting your business back up and running. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with Jeff Pekar today by calling his office at 800-652-6213.