Honoring Your Property Damage Claims

When you buy insurance for your property, whether it is homeowners’ insurance or insurance for your business, you expect that coverage to kick in when you need it.

Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on your insurance company to prioritize your needs when you are dealing with mounting property damage and other bills after disaster strikes. In the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida, frustrated policyholders can turn to Pekar Law, P.A., in Tampa, for the steadfast advocacy they need in having property damage claims honored.

Property Damage Claims

An Attorney With The Right Experience

Lawyer Jeff Pekar has spent his entire legal career dealing with property insurance issues. He now represents policyholders after working on behalf of insurance companies in these disputes. That experience allows him to determine the best approach for helping you receive the compensation you deserve.

He can help with property claims for homeowners, condo owners and business owners involving:

Insurance companies often deny property damage claims, many times expecting the policyholder to just drop the issues. Attorney Pekar will handle all of your interactions with the insurance company, putting you in the best position to secure coverage.

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