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Water Damage Claims Attorney in Tampa, Florida

Water damage is among the worst nightmares of homeowners in Florida. Flood, heavy rain, leaking pipes, and sewage backups can devastate your home and destroy your personal belongings. Thankfully, your Florida homeowners insurance policy can cover sudden or accidental water damage to your property. If your home has been devastated by a sudden water damage incident, you may be eligible to recover compensation by filing a water damage claim. 

Attorney Jeff Pekar is committed to offering experienced legal guidance and skilled representation to clients in their water damage cases. As a practiced Florida property claims attorney, Jeff can investigate every detail of your unique situation and explore options to pursue damages. He will also help file your claims, handle all negotiations with the insurer, and help seek your rightful financial compensation.  

Pekar Law, P.A. proudly serves clients across Tampa, Florida, and throughout Western and Central Florida, including the communities of Lakeland, Sarasota, Orlando, and Fort Myers. Reach out today for reliable representation. 

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What Water Damage Does Home Insurance Cover?  

Having a homeowners insurance policy can help protect your home and assets from unexpected damages and other acts of nature. Most standard home insurance policies in Florida cover water damages that occur accidentally or suddenly from inside the property. These include: 

  • busted pipes 

  • sewage backups 

  • leaking pipes 

  • broken pipes 

  • hose damage from fires 

  • water leak from plumbing 

  • overflowing appliance 

  • sudden plumbing problem 

  • heavy rain or snow storm 

  • water damage from extinguishing or putting out a fire 

  • vandalism 

  • water damage from leaking roof 

  • frozen or faulty plumbing 

What Does It Not Cover?  

However, not all water damages are covered under standard home insurance policies. The following are some examples of what typically won’t be covered: 

  • flooding 

  • inadequate maintenance or neglect, which causes water damage 

  • ground seepage 

  • poorly-maintained pipes that result in leaks 

  • sewer line backups 

  • mold caused by uncovered water damage 

  • cost of fixing the water damage source 

If your home or belongings have been damaged by water, you need to get in touch with a skilled homeowners insurance claims attorney right away. Your lawyer can investigate the water damage incident, determine whether you’re covered, and advise you on how to proceed. 

What to Do if You Have Water Damage 

If you have a water damage incident in your home, you should take the following steps where possible: 

  1. Determine the sources of the water damage, whether it is from inside or outside your home. 

  1. Take adequate measures to stop the water damage and prevent further damage to your home or belongings. 

  1. Separate damaged belongings from undamaged property. 

  1. Capture and document photos and evidence of the damaged areas and possessions. 

  1. Leave home if you need to. Find a temporary place to live to remain safe. 

  1. Understand your home insurance policy (check to see if the specific water damage is covered). 

  1. Contact an attorney to help file your water damage claims within the required time period. 

  1. Let your attorney help you negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance provider. 

However, it is important that you act fast and take the required steps after the water damage has occurred. A trusted Florida water damage claims attorney can help file your insurance claims and help you pursue the maximum possible damages to repair or replace your property. 

How to Protect Your Home From Water Damage

As mentioned earlier, a home insurance policy can protect your property and assets from sudden damages. Regardless, you should still take adequate measures to protect your home from water damage. Here are some insightful tips to prevent water damage on your property: 

  • Make sure the water supply lines are open and clear. 

  • Inspect and replace pipes and hoses connected to refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters, routinely. 

  • Keep your pipes warm and insulated to prevent burst pipes or frozen pipes. 

  • Drain your water heaters at least twice every year to prevent sediments from accumulating. 

  • Consider winterizing your home for the cold water. 

  • Inspect the inside and outside of your roof and repair leaks. 

  • Install a smart water leak detection sensor or device in your home. 

  • Conduct a thorough inspection to ensure your sump pumps are working. 

  • Take proactive action anytime you discover a leak. 

  • Check faucets, hoses, showers, and tubs regularly. 

  • Reseal your basement to prevent water seepage. 

  • Check your plumbing and heating pipes regularly. 

A trusted attorney can craft a strategic plan to protect your home from water damage or explore your options to pursue compensation in the event of a sudden water damage incident. 

How Legal Counsel Can Help

Discovering that your home or personal belongings have been damaged by water from burst pipes or leaky appliances can be frustrating. Unfortunately, a water damage incident can make your home uninhabitable or require costly repairs. If you want to file a water damage claim, hiring a highly-skilled property claims attorney is crucial to protect your rights and for detailed guidance. 

Pekar Law, P.A. is poised and ready to assist and guide clients in their water damage claims. Using his in-depth legal understanding, Attorney Jeff Pekar can guide you through the complicated procedures involved in filing claims and recovering damages after a water damage incident.  

Water Damage Claims Attorney in Tampa, Florida

If you need assistance filing a water damage claim in Florida, contact Pekar Law, P.A. today to schedule a free consultation. Attorney Jeff Pekar can offer you the trusted legal guidance and reliable representation you need throughout the insurance claims process. The firm proudly serves clients across Tampa, Lakeland, Sarasota, Orlando, and Fort Myers, as well as anwyere throughout Western and Central Florida.