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Homeowners' Insurance Claims & Condos Attorney in Tampa, Florida

When you own a condo, you know that you are giving up some of the luxuries that homeowners have. However, when damage occurs to your unit, the last thing you should have to deal with is a dispute over who should pay for repairs.

Pekar Law, P.A., in Tampa, represents frustrated homeowners’ insurance policyholders throughout Florida seeking to use the insurance coverage they deserve. Attorney Jeff Pekar has spent his entire legal career resolving complex insurance coverage disputes, including taking insurance companies to court to protect the rights of policyholders.

If you're a condo owner dealing with an insurance issue, reach out to me for honest and intelligent advice.

Seek the Full Coverage You Deserve

The key to many condominium insurance disputes regarding damage to units is to insist that your own insurer not shirk its responsibilities. Because condo units share walls and a roof, and other features, your insurer might try to push off your property damage costs to your condo association.

Jeff Pekar can help you get your money’s worth out of your insurance policy. He works closely with each client to determine what their coverage entails and the cause of the damage. He has experience dealing with all types of damage claims, including:

As the owner of a damaged unit, the most important thing is getting the repairs you need and the coverage you expect. As an attorney experienced in dealing with homeowner insurance claims, Jeff Pekar will work tirelessly to find a resolution that will protect your rights and best interests.

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You can learn more about your rights and options to resolving insurance coverage disputes by talking to an experienced lawyer today. Call Pekar Law, P.A., in Tampa, Florida, to schedule a free consultation.