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Most people never want to receive life insurance benefits, as they often indicate someone close to them has passed away. The experience can be even more frustrating or traumatic when insurance companies find ways to deny or underpay claims. When these situations arise, it can help to consult an attorney experienced in handling life insurance claims.

At Pekar Law, P.A. in Tampa, I have the skills to personally guide you through the entire life insurance claims process. I've spent my career helping clients across Florida navigate insurance disputes, and I'm prepared to do the same for you. Contact my office in Tampa today if you need legal assistance in Orlando, Sarasota, Fort Myers, or Lakeland, Florida. I'll set you up with a free consultation.

Filing a Life Insurance Claim

Every life insurance policy has a provision detailing how to file a claim. It will typically describe how long you have to file a claim for benefits and how it must be filed. It may also specify details such as the deadline for submitting a new life insurance claim, notice of claim, and proof of loss.

Insurance companies make money by collecting premiums and limiting the amount they pay out in claims. That means they will often look for ways to deny claims by taking advantage of “fine print” that you do not understand. I can closely examine your policy and help you understand your obligations, as well as deal with the insurance company on your behalf. If litigation becomes necessary, I can aggressively assert your rights and help you determine the best way to proceed.

Put a former insurance defense attorney on your side when you need to file a claim for benefits.

Common Reasons Claims Are Denied

As a former insurance defense attorney, I understand how the claims and denials process works and the reasons that insurance companies will use to argue that your loved one’s death is not covered by the policy. The insurance company may cite any of the following reasons for a denied claim:

  • Contestability Period. Many life insurance policies account for a one- to two-year period in which they can review your claim for anything you could have misrepresented during the application process. If the death occurs during this contestability period, the insurance company may deny a claim.

  • Cause of Death. Life insurance policies generally won’t cover claims for policyholders who die from suicide. Other causes of death that may lead to a claim denial include drug and alcohol abuse and involvement in dangerous activities.

  • Failure to Disclose Necessary Information. If the policyholder had a pre-existing condition — such as high blood pressure — and failed to disclose it in their policy, their insurer has the right to deny a claim.

  • Non-Payment of Premiums. If a payment is received after the grace period expires, the insurance company can deem the policy lapsed or terminated. If that happens, no claim will be honored.

  • Lack of Beneficiary Designation. If the policyholder did not name a beneficiary named in their policy, the insurance company can deny payment, or after a lengthy delay, pay it to the deceased’s estate.

If your life insurance claim was recently denied in the Tampa Bay area, reach out to me to get started on an appeal. I can investigate the reason for the denial and help you gather the documentation and evidence you need to counter it.

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