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Florida Supreme Court Decides 'Bad Faith' Claims Against Citizens Property Insurance Co.

What is the latest in the ongoing litigation involving Citizens Property Insurance Co.

As you may recall from previous blog posts, Citizens Property Insurance Company ("Citizens") has endured a string of lawsuits over the past several years within the state of Florida. As a bit of review, the state-created insurance entity manages over 500,000 policies within Florida, and is working diligently to bring this number down amid unrelenting claims of water damage, sinkholes, and similar disasters. In other words, the company faces an onslaught of litigation each year, including the most recent holding out of the Supreme Court concerning claims of 'bad faith' claims denials.

Citizens Property Insurance Portfolio is Sinking

How can Florida residents protect their homes and businesses from storm damage?

As was reported, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation's portfolio in Central Florida has plunged by 73 percent since 2012. The decline is part of the state's goal to reduce the risk to taxpayers in the event of the next catastrophic storm by shifting policy holders to other private insurers. Previously the company had one-quarter of the policy holders in the Florida Market.

Top Florida Cases Involving Subrogation Claims

What are the most commonly-litigated subrogation matters in Florida?

Subrogation is defined by Florida law as "the substitution of one person in the place of another with reference to a lawful claim or right." In the context of property insurance law, a subrogation action occurs when the property insurance company pays out a claim to a policy holder, then initiates its own cause of action against the party likely responsible for the damage.

Florida Property Insurers Pass Government "Stress Test"

If a Hurricane hits Florida, will my property insurer be able to pay my claim?

A stress test recently performed by the state of Florida shows that 67 Florida-based insurance companies will be able to survive a future hurricane season. The publishing of the report has resulted in more confidence for consumers.

Florida's State Insurance Carrier Aims to become more Consumer-Friendly after Complaints

My insurance carrier is not being forthright; what can I do?

Numerous consumer complaints have prompted Citizens Property Insurance Company to acknowledge faults in the letters it has been sending to its customers. Citizens has been reaching out to customers en masse recently. The embattled insurer has been trying to shed policies by offering them up to private carriers. But the letters it has been sending to its insured clients have been derided for being inaccurate and threatening.

Florida Couple Sells Home with Sinkhole They Knew Was on the Property But Didn't Reveal

What happens when a homeowner deceives the buyer about existing property damage?

When the buyer of a home is lied to about existing damage on the property, the results to the new owner can be physically dangerous, emotionally devastating, and exorbitantly expensive.

Steep Increase in Water-Loss Claims in South Florida Keeps Local Insurance Rates From Lowering

Why aren't South Florida customers of state-run Citizens Property Insurance Company saving the same money as customers in other parts of Florida?

There is a simple reason that South Florida customers of the state-run company, Citizens Property Insurance, are not reaping the benefits of lower premiums next year that their peers in other parts of the state are: the steep increase in water-loss claims in Miami-Dade County. According to the insurance industry and supporters in the state legislature, this steep rise in claims is largely due to fraudulent activity.

New Report on Florida Cities Most In Danger of Storm Surge Damage

Which Florida cities are most vulnerable to storm surges, and why?

As most Florida residents are aware, Florida is a state beset by hurricanes. Storm surges, as well as heavy wind and rain , can be responsible for enormous damage to homes, businesses, and other property. In addition to having appropriate insurance, Floridians often require the services of a skilled property insurance claims attorney to help them negotiate with their insurance company when they have suffered extensive damage.

More Precise Weather Technology Assists in Validating Insurance Claims

With Danny, the first hurricane of the 2015 season, now underway, the new, state-of-the-art weather technology possessed by The National Storm Damage Center (NSC) is a timely and welcome addition to our informational resources. NSC declares itself to be the only weather company with meteorologists experienced in military, forensic technology, technology that can predict weather events with 95 percent accuracy and the only organization with rights to use such data for civilian application. The precision of this new technology leaves the 60 to 70 percent accuracy claims of other weather services in the dust.

Recent Case Regarding the Assignment of Benefits of a Property Insurance Policy to a Contractor is Decided by a Florida Appellate Court

Can I sign over my homeowners insurance benefits to a contractor? (continued...)

We recently blogged about industry efforts to pass legislation that would stop insureds from signing over their insurance benefits to contractors. Such a practice is called "assignment." 


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