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Prepare for Disaster by Documenting Your Property with Video

Pekar Law, P.A. April 10, 2017

How Can Video Evidence Help My Homeowners’ Insurance Claim?

If your home has been damaged by a fire, flood, windstorm, accident, or any other disaster in Florida, it will be critical for you to provide your homeowners’ insurance company with a detailed inventory of your losses. For many homeowners, this is an overwhelming task. With some advanced planning, you can make the inventory process a breeze through the use of video evidence. Our Tampa, Florida property claims lawyers provide a step-by-step guide to documenting your property with video and offer a look at how video evidence can help substantiate your homeowners’ insurance claim.

Using Video to Document Your Property

Homeowners in Florida are advised to document their valuable belongings long before any damage occurs to their home. While none of us anticipate a fire or flood, thousands of homeowners tragically find their homes and property destroyed by catastrophic events each year. Video offers one of the simplest and most powerful means of documenting what you own. Unlike a list, video has the power to visually show an adjuster that you, in fact, owned the claimed property. It also allows an accurate look at the condition of the items. Videotaping your property can additionally be completed in half the time it would take you to photograph each item.

Creating a video of your home and property will cost you nothing and takes a matter of minutes. You can use any device that records, including your cell phone. The important thing is that you try to capture everything you own. Start with the first room in your home and carefully record everything in it, including items in cabinets and drawers as well as art on the walls. Describe what you see as you record. Make your way slowly through the home, continuing to highlight items of value.

Once you have completed your tour through the home, you will need to save the video and upload it to a safe location. One way to do this is by transferring the video to a thumb drive and uploading it into the cloud. Store the thumb drive in a safe location. Armed with your video evidence, you will be well prepared in the unfortunate event you must file a homeowners’ insurance claim.