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Is Storm Damage Covered by Homeowners' Insurance?

Pekar Law, P.A. Jan. 19, 2021

Those living in Florida can tell you in great detail how destructive thunderstorms and hurricanes can be. In addition to the danger these weather problems pose to people, they can also wreak havoc on property. Understandably, one of the first things many Florida residents want to know is if their homeowners' insurance covers storm damage.

Carefully Reading Your Insurance Policy

One of the biggest selling points of a homeowners insurance policy is the coverage that it comes with, particularly for thunderstorms. However, homeowners who aren’t familiar with insurance law tend to make the mistake of taking the headline at face value. The fact is that every type of policy will have a section that states, “In some cases, exclusions may apply.” It is this section that you must carefully read before signing any contract. Always ensure that your policy includes both personal property coverage and dwelling coverage. An insurance attorney may be able to help you read the content and translate the legal wording.

Storm Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Most homeowner’s insurance policies will tend to cover the basics. That means that you’re likely to have coverage for common issues caused by a thunderstorm. These may include power surges, lightning strikes and damage from a fallen tree, to name a few. Flooding is another matter.


Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions is that most insurance policies will cover any flooding that occurs during a thunderstorm. Although there are certainly flood insurance policies out there that would cover storm surge from a hurricane, for example, the vast majority of basic homeowners policies do not.

If you’re in a dispute regarding the coverage promised to you by your homeowners' insurance, it is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Failure to seek legal advice may cause your compensation to take much longer than it should.