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How Major Hurricanes May Damage Your Home

Pekar Law, P.A. Oct. 10, 2018

Your home is one of your most valuable assets and deserves sufficient protection from hurricanes, natural disasters that can wreak havoc on your property. One storm can destroy entire homes, depending on its severity.

You may hear about different categories of hurricanes but have some confusion about what they actually mean for you and your house. Here are some explanations of how Category Three, Category Four and Category Five hurricanes can harm your home:

Category Three Damage

A Category Three hurricane is the first type of major storm. These storms have a wind speed of 111-129 miles per hour. There is a high risk of property damage, injuries and death to people and animals. Specifically, your home may suffer the following consequences:

  • Removal of the roof deck

  • Electricity outage

  • Water outage

  • Water damage from flooding

These types of storms may also uproot trees.

Category Four Damage

These hurricanes can have catastrophic repercussions. Category Four disasters have a wind speed of 130-156 miles per hour. One of these storms may destruct your home in these ways:

  • Complete loss or collapse of the roofing structure

  • Removal of siding and walls

  • Power outages for weeks or months

  • Water damage from flooding

Category Four storms often render the surrounding area of your home uninhabitable for several weeks or months.

Category Five Damage

This is the most tragic type of hurricane. Category Five hurricanes can devastate entire communities, and your home may experience:

  • Complete destruction

  • Wall collapse

  • Roof failure

A Category Five storm may very likely destroy your entire residential property. This may result in you being homeless for months.

These major hurricanes can be severely destructive. The combination of heavy rainfall and high winds can demolish entire neighborhoods and result in multiple fatalities. If you and your family experience this type of calamity, you may also deal with the frustration of your insurance company failing to honor your coverage.