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Homeowner’s Insurance Soon to Be Available Online in Florida

Pekar Law, P.A. May 1, 2016

Is Buying Insurance Online Good for The Insured?

We have all seen and heard the commercials — get a quote online! Sign up online! Save time and money by getting insurance online! It is no longer a necessity to meet with or even call an agent in order to get insurance in many situations. Some say this has increased efficiency. Others in the industry are not so sure.

While getting a quote and purchasing auto insurance online has been available for years, it has not been as popular in the homeowners and property insurance areas. Now, a Florida-based insurance company,Universal Insurance Holdings, will be debuting an online system named Universal Direct that will provide homeowners insurance customers with the convenience of getting a quote, purchasing insurance and managing policies online. The service will first be available in the State of Pennsylvania and then will be branching out to a number of other states, including Florida, in the near future.

Why use the direct-to-consumer model? Making insurance available online is more efficient for both the insurer and the insured. This means lower costs can reach the consumer. Some also believe that consumers feel more comfortable buying insurance online instead of from an agent because they feel they have more control over the process. Considering how this will work in Florida with its complex insurance scheme, however, some members of the industry feel differently.

Not only are you required to purchase homeowner’s insurance in Florida, but you may also be required to purchase hurricane, sinkhole and water damage insurance separately. One small slip on the keyboard can mean a mistake in choosing coverage, creating serious issues when you go to make a claim. You might find that they do not have the coverage you thought you did. Interacting with an agent is actually a good thing since it helps to minimize this type of mistake. Besides, many consumers want an interaction with an agent who knows and understands their needs.

Signing up for insurance is only half the battle. If you have to make homeowners or property insurance claim and you don’t know where to start, you should talk to an experienced Tampa property insurance attorney today.