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Homeowner Preparations for Hurricane Insurance Claims

Pekar Law, P.A. Sept. 25, 2020

Florida property owners who possessed the forethought to prepare for an insurance claim before Hurricane Sally hit are now glad they chose to do so. By the time the storm made landfall, it was a category 2 hurricane with winds over 100 mph. The storm left much destruction behind as it cut a path through the state.

Insurance law analysts explain that preparation is key with insurance claims. The more prepared a homeowner is before the storm, the faster they will be able to submit a claim that secures compensation.

A home inventory before the storm is an absolute necessity. The homeowner should use photos to show what was in the home before the storm hits. The photos also provide an idea of the condition of both the home and the belongings inside. This proof will do a lot to eliminate delays and snags in the claim process.

Homeowners should also take the time to review and gain a complete understanding of the insurance coverage they possess. The policy’s declaration page will provide info about the amount of coverage available, any applicable deductibles how compensation for a claim is delivered.

It is important to understand how an insurance policy addresses damage resulting from a flood. Some home insurance policies do not pay on flood damage. If this is the case, the homeowner needs to purchase a separate policy that covers flooding. These policies normally require 30 days before they become active, so homeowners should plan accordingly.

Once the storm has passed, damages should be reported to an agent of the insurance company. The agent will explain to the homeowner what the policy covers. An agent will also know how the deductible affects the claim and how long the homeowner can expect the claims process to take. To show the storm’s after-effects, the policyholder will need to take a new set of photos. The insurance agent should see the full collection of before and after photos.

Property owners need fair and fast compensation to begin the rebuilding process after a serious storm. An attorney may be able to help a client who is unsure of how to navigate the claims process after a hurricane or other natural disaster.