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Florida Homeowners Should Not Worry About Increased Rates After Filing a Property Claim

Pekar Law, P.A. Nov. 25, 2014

When your property is damaged you can be in a difficult situation. Although you carry a property insurance policy, if your home is damaged by wind, a storm or a sinkhole, you might think twice about filing a claim for fear that your premium will go up next year. It is a common catch 22 when it comes to insurance policies, but a new report shows that Florida citizen’s may not need to worry.

The people of Florida pay among the highest property insurance premiums in the country. Since the state is at high risk for storms that have the potential to cause property damage, as evidenced by the pattern of devastating storms in the past, premium payments are almost double the national average. So, it seems logical that citizens of the state fear their premiums increasing further.

However, a new insurance report shows that the premiums in Florida have not increased as significantly as in other states after a claim. The report demonstrates that Florida property insurance premiums increase only an average of 3% after policy holders make their first claim. This is significantly lower than the national average which is 9% and much lower than in some states where premiums go up approximately 30%. Florida’s average increase is greater than only 3 states including Texas, Massachusetts and New York, whose premiums increase about 2% after a claim is made.

With this new information in mind, it might be seem more worthwhile to make a claim even in light of a possible slight premium increase. If your property sustained damage that might be covered under your insurance policy, you should consult with an attorney. Tampa, Florida attorney Jeff Pekar practices primarily in property insurance law. He can assist you in deciding whether to make a claim and in working with the carrier. Contact his office for a free initial consultation.