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April 2017 Archives

Citizens Post Losses After Non-Weather Related Claims Soar

What is contributing to the spike in water damage claims in South Florida?

Citizens Property Insurance Corp. recently announced that it will post a $27.1 million loss for 2016. The company attributed the loss to rising legal costs and soaring claims stemming from nonweather-related water claims such as burst pipes and sudden dishwasher leaks.

Prepare for Disaster by Documenting Your Property With Video

How can video evidence help my homeowners' insurance claim?

If your home has been damaged by a fire, flood, windstorm, accident, or any other disaster in Florida, it will be critical for you to provide your homeowners' insurance company with a detailed inventory of your losses. For many homeowners, this is an overwhelming task. With some advanced planning, you can make the inventory process a breeze through the use of video evidence. Our Tampa, Florida property claims lawyers provide a step-by-step guide to documenting your property with video and offer a look at how video evidence can help substantiate your homeowners' insurance claim.


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