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November 2015 Archives

Top Florida Cases Involving Subrogation Claims

What are the most commonly-litigated subrogation matters in Florida?

Subrogation is defined by Florida law as "the substitution of one person in the place of another with reference to a lawful claim or right." In the context of property insurance law, a subrogation action occurs when the property insurance company pays out a claim to a policy holder, then initiates its own cause of action against the party likely responsible for the damage.

Florida Property Insurers Pass Government "Stress Test"

If a Hurricane hits Florida, will my property insurer be able to pay my claim?

A stress test recently performed by the state of Florida shows that 67 Florida-based insurance companies will be able to survive a future hurricane season. The publishing of the report has resulted in more confidence for consumers.

Florida's State Insurance Carrier Aims to become more Consumer-Friendly after Complaints

My insurance carrier is not being forthright; what can I do?

Numerous consumer complaints have prompted Citizens Property Insurance Company to acknowledge faults in the letters it has been sending to its customers. Citizens has been reaching out to customers en masse recently. The embattled insurer has been trying to shed policies by offering them up to private carriers. But the letters it has been sending to its insured clients have been derided for being inaccurate and threatening.


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