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October 2015 Archives

Florida Couple Sells Home with Sinkhole They Knew Was on the Property But Didn't Reveal

What happens when a homeowner deceives the buyer about existing property damage?

When the buyer of a home is lied to about existing damage on the property, the results to the new owner can be physically dangerous, emotionally devastating, and exorbitantly expensive.

Steep Increase in Water-Loss Claims in South Florida Keeps Local Insurance Rates From Lowering

Why aren't South Florida customers of state-run Citizens Property Insurance Company saving the same money as customers in other parts of Florida?

There is a simple reason that South Florida customers of the state-run company, Citizens Property Insurance, are not reaping the benefits of lower premiums next year that their peers in other parts of the state are: the steep increase in water-loss claims in Miami-Dade County. According to the insurance industry and supporters in the state legislature, this steep rise in claims is largely due to fraudulent activity.


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