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June 2014 Archives

Miami Condo Association Files Suit against Insurer for Sandy Damage

Nearly two years ago, Superstorm Sandy roared up the east coast causing unprecedented damage in the northeast with storm-related costs totaling over 68 billion dollars. It quickly became the second costliest storm in U.S. history, trailing only Hurricane Katrina. While most of the severe damage occurred in New York and New Jersey, property owners throughout South Florida also felt its effects with rough surf, strong winds and periods of intense rain.

Failure to Timely File A Sworn Proof of Loss Could Impact Coverage

A recent Florida controversy over property damage to a condominium resulting from an exploding corpse has come to a close. The plaintiff in this case was a condo owner and State Farm insured. Her upstairs neighbor died in the unit and was not found for weeks. Gases had built up in the body cavity causing it to rupture and the corpse was only found after neighbors complained about the smell. The rupture caused body fluids to leak into the walls and ceilings of the plaintiff's apartment below. The condominium association did eventually renovate the unit to eliminate the odor and damage, but the effects of the situation were still present in the plaintiff's unit.

Steadily Rising Florida Property Insurance Rates May Be Leveling Off

Florida property insurance rates are among the highest in the country. Property insurance in this context means insurance that homeowners buy to protect themselves in case of damage to their homes. In recent years, property insurance premiums in Florida have been steadily increasing. Now, they seem to be falling slightly.


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