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2017 is an expensive year for hurricane damage claims

The whole nation watched this year as one of the most expensive hurricane seasons in the U.S. hit Puerto Rico, Texas and right here in Florida. After the winds have died down and the dust has settled, these regions are left to clean up the damage.

This season’s damage is currently estimated to be worth $202.6 billion. This is just behind the 2005 season, which reported $211.2 billion in damage, according to the National Weather Service.

What to do if your property damage claim is undervalued

Insurance is always a touchy subject for homeowners. Every month you make payments, just in case, hoping that you’ll never have to file a damage claim. After all, nobody wants their home in disrepair. If something doesn’t happen, then you have to go through the red tape to determine a value of compensation. For most people, insurance issues are a maze and you don’t know where to turn.

For those who have filed a claim, what happens when it’s not enough? Whether the roof was damaged in a storm, the basement flooded or a tree branch took out a window and your dining room table, there may be more damage than first meets the eye. Home repairs are almost always more complicated than they first appear.

An insurance void in sinkhole coverage

Property owners in Florida are well aware of the natural hazards of hurricanes, floods and high winds. Storms that bring these disasters are especially dangerous because they often come with little warning. However, another concerning risk for landowners can come with no forecast at all. What is this unseen threat to property owners?

Sinkholes, depressions in the ground caused by a collapse of the earth's surface layer, are appearing around the country at an alarming rate. Locally, a report of sinkhole activity has down an events venue in Spring Hill as owners evaluate a solution to "the instability of the ground," according to Tampa Bay Times.

Citizens Post Losses After Non-Weather Related Claims Soar

What is contributing to the spike in water damage claims in South Florida?

Citizens Property Insurance Corp. recently announced that it will post a $27.1 million loss for 2016. The company attributed the loss to rising legal costs and soaring claims stemming from nonweather-related water claims such as burst pipes and sudden dishwasher leaks.

Prepare for Disaster by Documenting Your Property With Video

How can video evidence help my homeowners' insurance claim?

If your home has been damaged by a fire, flood, windstorm, accident, or any other disaster in Florida, it will be critical for you to provide your homeowners' insurance company with a detailed inventory of your losses. For many homeowners, this is an overwhelming task. With some advanced planning, you can make the inventory process a breeze through the use of video evidence. Our Tampa, Florida property claims lawyers provide a step-by-step guide to documenting your property with video and offer a look at how video evidence can help substantiate your homeowners' insurance claim.

The Continued Debate Over Assignment of Benefits Insurance Reform

Q: Is Assignment of Benefits abuse leading to a downgrade in insurers' financial stability ratings?

Florida property claims attorneys have squared off against Insurance companies and watchdog groups in a long-standing battle over assignment of benefits reform. Especially with respect to the high volume of non-weather related water emergency claims which are driving insurance rates upward.

Homeowners' Insurance and Mold Damage

Will mold damage within my home be covered under homeowners' insurance?

Mold can damage your home, making it impossible to sell and potentially even harming your health. Mold is related to moisture, making Florida a particularly troublesome state for mold due to its high humidity levels. If you have discovered mold in your home, your first concern will likely be whether repair of the mold damage is covered under your homeowner's insurance policy. Our Tampa, Florida mold related property damage attorneys at Pekar Law P.A. discuss coverage for mold issues in the state below.

Flood vs. Wind: Determining the Cause in a Property Damage Claim

Florida homeowners from the greater Tampa Bay area and elsewhere have a love-hate relationship with Mother Nature. They love the sunshine, but hate the wind and storm damage she can bring. Very often, homeowners easily transfer that hate to their neighborly insurance company when their property damage claim gets denied.

What is 'Ensuing Water Damage'?

In January of this year, the Third District Court of Appeal of Florida decided an interesting case involving an insurer's refusal to pay for the costs of repairing concrete slabs above a leaking drain line. In the lower court, the fact finder ruled in favor of the insured/homeowner, ordering the insurer to foot the bill. On immediate appeal, the insurer asserted that the policy in force did not require the insurer to cover the costs, and the court ultimately held in favor of the insurer, remanding the case with instructions to the lower court.

Controversy Swirling Over Assignment of Benefits

Why are property insurance rates in Florida rising?

As many homeowners are aware, property insurance rates have been steadily rising, which insurers and regulators attribute to a surge in water-damage claims. The controversy has prompted lawmakers to join the debate that revolves around a common practice in Florida known as "assignment of benefits."


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